Sustainable living in the Southern Highlands

Did you know Ashbourne began as a barren plain with less than 5 trees? Today, it’s evolving into a lush, vibrant community right in the heart of Moss Vale, NSW.

Developed by Novm, Ashbourne is a masterplanned residential development that combines thoughtful landscaping and Highlands-inspired architecture to create a welcoming and sustainable place to live.

(Psst… there are only a handful of land lots in Stage 1 still available!)

This week on Wednesday June 5th we’re celebrating World Environment Day, and the #GenerationRestoration theme for 2024 perfectly aligns with one of Ashbourne’s core values, ‘Harmony with Nature’, and our commitment to leave a legacy for generations to come.

With this global event coming up, we’re excited to share how Ashbourne is championing environmental sustainability with our first restoration initiative.

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about Ashbourne that make it uniquely sustainable:

  1. Greenery that promotes biodiversity

There’s nothing quite like getting your hands dirty to show your commitment to the environment. That’s why we’ve teamed up with experienced revegetation contractors to plant over 9,500 plants down at Ashbourne.

Ashbourne’s landscape now boasts 8,446 ground stratum species, 562 aquatic plants, 525 shrubs and small trees, and 40 mature trees.

Each mature tree has been custom-grown specifically for Ashbourne over the past three years at Aussie-based Andreasens Green Wholesale Nursery. From Giant Sequoias to Japanese Zelkovas, the trees are now at impressive heights of four to seven metres tall.

Our planting efforts are not only making the place look beautiful but also helping to combat carbon emissions, boost the ecology of our local area, and promote biodiversity.

  1. An all-encompassing ecosystem

At the heart of Ashbourne’s sustainability efforts is the creation of a sustainable creek corridor that will become vital for supporting natural drainage and biodiversity. By reshaping and replanting the land, we can manage stormwater naturally. This involves restoring creek areas and creating paths that filter water to meet quality standards and reuse this to keep our open spaces healthy.

Ashbourne is designed with Southern Highlands weather in mind. We know the region can get some heavy rainfall, and Ashbourne is ready. Our sustainable stormwater management systems cut down on runoff, prevent erosion, and protect local waterways. This smart approach keeps Ashbourne resilient, even during intense weather.

To reduce heat in urban areas, we use soft landscaping, tree canopies, and light-coloured surfaces. Planting native species boosts the ecological value of the site. By considering future climate risks like heatwaves, droughts, bushfires, and heavy rains, we design resilient landscapes that protect and enhance the environment.

  1. Energy and cost-efficient solutions at every corner

At Ashbourne, we’re all about helping you save on energy costs while being kind to the planet. That’s why we encourage owners to build and fit out their homes with sustainability in mind, utilising energy-saving solutions like solar panels and smart home technologies, so they can enjoy lower bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

This means designing homes to limit the need for heating in winter and cooling in summer, ultimately reducing energy usage. Our vision is for Ashbourne homes to make the most of natural heating and cooling, complemented by features like rooftop solar panels, battery systems, compulsory rainwater tanks, LED lighting, and energy-saving appliances.

By meeting the 7-Star BASIX Sustainability rating for energy, thermal, and water efficiency, you can save on energy costs while living sustainably. When discussing plans with builders, Ashbourne purchasers are encouraged to consider all these sustainable options to ensure their home meets these high standards.

  1. Sustainable construction practices

One of the main ways Ashbourne stays sustainable is through our construction practices. Wherever we can, we’re teaming up with many local suppliers and contractors that help support the Highlands community, cutting down on transport distances and keeping our carbon footprint small.

For example, we get materials from nearby suppliers like Independent Steel Company in Moss Vale and Bundanoon Sandstone. Plus, local subcontractors bring their expertise to the table, making sure everything is built as sustainably as possible.

We also reuse all the topsoil from the site for finishing the lots and plan to use large rocks in future parks. It’s all part of our commitment to sustainability.

  1. Extensive green spaces and recreational areas

At Ashbourne, we’ve created a lifestyle that’s all about connecting with nature. Nearly 30 per cent of our site is dedicated to green open spaces and recreational areas for the community to enjoy.

Imagine more than 3.2 hectares of lush, landscaped parklands, playing fields, and children’s playgrounds. Plus, we have over 7.7 kilometres of shared cycleways and pathways for you to explore, perfect for staying active and eco-friendly.

These beautiful green spaces don’t just look great—they provide a tranquil area for resident enjoyment too. Our commitment to these open areas means Ashbourne residents will always have a spot to enjoy the outdoors, fostering a healthy and sustainable community.

Whether you’re drawn to Ashbourne for its picturesque setting, its community feel, or its commitment to sustainability, there’s something special about living in harmony with nature in the Southern Highlands.

The Ashbourne Sales and Information Centre is open from Thursday to Monday 10am – 4pm and is located at 141 Yarrawa Road Moss Vale (on the corner of Mt Broughton Road and Yarrawa Road). See you there!